Crescendo was born and raised in Cincinnati & Atlanta's south side Union City, College Park neighborhood. Crescendo has been writing since he was 8 years young, owning his own lyrics, he is best trained for this R&B section of the music industry. Crescendo also knows that his writing skills with a pen are so mean, he wrote lyrics for GrandHustle artist Babyboy and many more underground artists. 

"Jamie Foxx Crescendo" means, "I put feeling intensity and soul on every track."

 The EP titled 'Mature" is named this because over the years Crescendo has matured with his music, organic growth. Refreshingly good R&B/Soul music with a message and lessons learned on his journey, is what you will hear when you experience the Crescendo Love sound. R&B Champ will be the follow up Mixtape, shortly after the EP and more videos are released.

  Crescendo anticipates working with Dj Khaled, & performing everywhere.

To All Crescendo Fans:

"Im the real champ here to show the world how to spread love and peace.

 Keep it organic and contribute to the culture."

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